05/13/08 :: Album available for online purchase
You can now purchase our self-titled debut album at Amazon.com and other online music distributions sources including Rhapsody.com, eMusic.com, and coming soon iTunes. Keep checking back for updates!

02/26/08 :: Still Alive
Yeah I know, it's been a few months, but Fragile Syndrome is still alive and busy re-writting the book of hard rock. These thing's take time, jeez . . . Well anyway, progress commenses on the new album. The track list is now near 90% laid out, so expect an update in the near (maybe?) future regarding the matter. As for now, the call of rock bekons, so let us fufill our duty to you and give you a daily quota of ass kick'in rock!!!

12/24/07 :: Happy Holidays
Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a kick ass New Year's from all of us in Fragile Syndrome. We're looking forward to raising the bar for hard rock even higher in 2008!

11/30/07 :: Download full version of Necromancer
If you head on over to music.download.com, you can download the full version of Necromancer for free off the self-titled CD.

11/26/07 :: Sample from new album
Fragile Syndrome is hard at work on the next CD, but in the meantime, if you wish to hear a sample, head on over to the discography section to check out a 30 second sample from the next CD.

11/14/07 :: Self-titled Release
2007 marks the debut of the self-titled CD by Fragile Syndrome. Combining hard rock/industrial with orchestral elements, this CD is set to rock. Please go to the discography to hear samples from the new CD.

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